Devontae Haney 15 Jul 2024
Polite and professional with superb communication. Punctual and very helpful, delivering a great job. Would happily use the service again.
Shelbie Prieto 05 Jul 2024
Prompt and efficient, the crew did precisely as promised, moving quickly to finish the job in minimal time.
Graciela Heim 17 Jun 2024
Remarkable job. Very professional and efficient in their approach. I would recommend them for any major relocation.
D. Meyers 22 May 2024
Their attention to detail and careful handling of our belongings did not go unnoticed.
K. Bonds 22 Apr 2024
The team's efficiency and effectiveness were impressive.
Divya M. 11 Mar 2024
These guys deserve all the praise and more! Have hired them twice and each time was a stellar experience with unmatched consistency.
Sidney Nunn 28 Feb 2024
All my belongings arrived safely and intact, thanks to the careful handling by Moving Company.
Raheem Sanchez 18 Feb 2024
Their behavior was marked by exceptional respect and care, leaving no room for doubt or confusion about anything discussed. You fulfilled your promise of addressing all my concerns perfectly without any delays or errors! First-class customer service!
Alberto Beckham 08 Feb 2024
Oh what a relief it was having London Removals take care of our local move - we were able to settle into our new home within one day!
London Haney 29 Jan 2024
My experience at Movers was fantastic thanks to their reasonable prices and top-notch customer service.
Garrison Cavazos 19 Jan 2024
The team of movers at this company were simply amazing - they made my move effortless and stress-free.
Hope F. 05 Jan 2024
The quotation offered was justifiable adn teh execution process executed relates to a balance of expertise adn approachibility.THe two gentalmen involved in making my transition happen demonstrated proficiency,kindness adn poise.
Bo Foreman 18 Dec 2023
The move went smoothly thanks to their efficient and friendly moving team.
H. Her 13 Nov 2023
The entire staff at Removal Company provided top-notch aid for us from beginning to end of our relocation process.
Jefferson A. 05 Jul 2023
Perfect timing from the team who were thoroughly friendly, joyous and civilised at all times during their visit. Extraordinary expertise in doing things speedily combined with astoundingly well coordinated team work further added to their splendid service.
Shantel Lamb 03 May 2023
If you're looking for a reliable and professional company for your moving needs then look no further than RemovalCompaniesRemovals! They were completely committed throughout the whole process making sure there were no discrepancies whatsoever; top-notch service indeed!
Luis Tripp 26 Feb 2018
RemovalCompaniesRemovals are the fastest and most efficient removals service I have ever used and won't use anyone else again.
Cali Birch 22 Mar 2016
It isn't that often I will write an online review but Removal Firm deserve one. They helped with my recent house removals and did a great job. They helped get the job done quickly and guaranteed that everything went safely. I was impressed with their team and even more amazed with the results.
K. Dickson 17 Mar 2015
Moving house is hard and stressful enough without having to worry about all the little things that come with it. That's why I'm glad I found RemovalCompaniesRemovals when I did. They had everything I needed from a removal company all at one place, including removal services and packing and unpacking services, so when I booked with them, I felt a tad more relaxed straight away. Their prices were also highly affordable and offered great value for the services they provided.
Imani Moriarty 14 Jan 2015
I was helping my daughter move out of home for the first time and wanted to make things as easy as possible for her. I contacted RemovalCompaniesRemovals and was impressed with the prices to hire a removal van for the day. I picked it up and the staff members were really friendly and helpful. They gave me a positive impression of the company. Everything ran smoothly and I was impressed with their services. I would recommend them to anyone moving house.
K. Hulsey 10 Sep 2014
There are so many things that can go wrong when you are moving house, that sometimes, I can't even imagine the prospect of it all going to plan. However, that is exactly what happened with our recent move, as we had RemovalCompaniesRemovals on our side! The results of having a top class removals team on your move really are very different to trying to do it yourself, and I have resolved to never try it on my own again! The fact is that their experience made the whole process so much easier, that it was totally worth the money!
Winter Cody 07 Jul 2014
Having never really acquainted myself with the process of removal van hire, I figured that the best way to learn would be on the job. However, I had not bargained on there being so many different things to work out for it, and was very lucky to have RemovalCompaniesRemovals on my side, who were incredible in terms of ensuring that I had everything I needed for the job! From packing straps to security bars, the van was kitted out, and I could not have had a more successful removal, despite the fact that I did not hire a full scale company!
Benito Lance 11 Jun 2014
The strapping young lads from RemovalCompaniesRemovals really impressed me yesterday. For starters, they afforded me the harsh, sceptical eye necessary to gut my possessions of the froth I didn't need and could do without, making moving so much easier! I was moving to a one bedroom flat from a two bedroom bungalow, so lots of stuff needed to go, and I was having fits trying to work out what I could throw on the scrapheap. RemovalCompaniesRemovals literally delivered it to a junkyard for me when it was all over, too! Cheers boys!
Emerson S. 21 May 2014
RemovalCompaniesRemovals were simply fab - never come across a moving company as determined to ensure 100% satisfaction before. This willingness to go the extra mile was delightful, and was a constant demonstration that to them, the customer really is king. They were receptive to my needs and waited on me hand and food. Very impressive stuff - anyone who doesn't use RemovalCompaniesRemovals for their moving needs is cheating themselves. I am very impressed with their pricing too - you'd be hard pressed to find such a bargain elsewhere! A full five stars for these guys.
J. Berry 08 May 2014
Having never really moved house on my own before, I was a tad concerned by how the whole thing was going to go if I'm honest. I was bowled over by how helpful and gracious RemovalCompaniesRemovals were throughout the removal however, and it was all really easy because of them. IN many ways, I could not have done it without their guiding me every step of the way, and it means that I am now well set up for whenever I have to move in the future. That said, I will be using them again I think!
P. Myrick 23 Apr 2014
I thought that there would only be so much that a removals firm could do to make our moving situation that much easier, but I must say that the guys and the whole team at RemovalCompaniesRemovals really made sure that we got an excellent service. Right from the very first phone call it felt like we were in good hands and they really made the difference when it came to ensuring that there were never any troubles on the day of the move itself. I give them all the credit for making sure that we got settled so quickly.
Paris Damico 06 Apr 2014
I wanted professional movers for my moving day, but I also needed the right moving boxes too. I'd gotten rid of the boxes that my flat-screen television and computers had come in, and my wife wanted a wardrobe box for our wardrobe too. I'd looked online for some price quotes, but hadn't found anything that I was sure about. I contacted RemovalCompaniesRemovals to hire my movers and explained about the boxes. They had exactly what I was looking for, and even gave me help with how to pack everything up too! I was confident that they'd be just as good come moving day, and I wasn't proven wrong! A wonderful company and not too expensive either!
Kyler Skidmore 27 Mar 2014
I was moving into a new house and had a lot of belongings to sort out. I had accumulated a lot of stuff over 20 years, so there was a lot to pack up and shift. My brother told me about RemovalCompaniesRemovals, who he had used and was happy with, so I thought I would give them a go. I made an appointment for an expert to come and give me a cost. I wanted it all packing, and moving so it was a big job. I was pleased with the quote, and a date was made. All I can say is it all went excellent and to plan and nothing was damaged.
J. Higgs 28 Feb 2014
I bet every hates moving home, really. I'll no be convinced that there's anyone out there who actually enjoys the process of packing away all of their things and putting them in another house. But then I hired RemovalCompaniesRemovals and it all turned around. They managed to help me out hugely when it came to moving home and I must say that, for the first time, I actually enjoyed the process of moving. We're now settled into our new home and I thought it was only right to come on here and say what a good job they did. Really excellent.
Analise N. 10 Feb 2014
I'm a big fan of the way in which RemovalCompaniesRemovals were able to help me move home and I just thought I'd take a moment to tell others about it. After the bother we'd had in the past, it was a pleasant surprise to discover that there is actually a company out there who wants to make the customer number one. After our previous trials and tribulations, I am now happy to officially recommend these guys for their stellar work in setting us up perfectly in our new home. A great service, and you should get involved.
L. Dockery 31 Jan 2014
My experience with previous moving companies was not horrendous but I was used to the usual lack lustre way in which a move was conducted. Until I contacted RemovalCompaniesRemovals; they were so thorough with their planning that I started to feel like royalty. The day before my move I was once again contacted to re-confirm my moving date and time, as well as my preferred method of payment! Wow! Even the boxes and tape that I purchased from them was given at reduced costs; yet the quality is superb. This company is extremely professional and very courteous, while providing above average services.
Avery C. 21 Jan 2014
Last time I moved house I had a lot of bad luck - everything that could have gone wrong on moving day seemed to, and I told myself that if I was ever going to move house again I'd use a man with a van! I called RemovalCompaniesRemovals after reading some good reviews online and I was really happy with the service! My man with a van was really lovely and we had a nice chat - he gave me lots of moving tips and even some helpful unpacking ones as well, and he took extra care when loading my fragile items into the van! Very impressive!
N. Gorman 03 Jan 2014
In many instances, the idea of getting the family together to get anything done well has been a nightmare, which is why I laughed off my husband's idea of doing the move ourselves, as a family! Luckily, his money worries were quickly sated by RemovalCompaniesRemovals's quote, which was absolutely incredible, and well within our budget. We found that the service was excellent, and the people we were working with were extremely nice, even getting on well with the kids! If anyone else out there is after a great removals service, look no further!
N. Custer 18 Dec 2013
I hired RemovalCompaniesRemovals to execute my home move and was so impressed with their service. Not only were they friendly and reliable, but their prices were affordable. I couldn't believe how quickly they got to work once I called them. They had someone at my door planning the move almost immediately after I called. They were able to give me great advice about packing and other transportation arrangements. I couldn't recommend a better service. RemovalCompaniesRemovals is definitely a great investment if you are planning a home or apartment move, you won't be disappointed!
J. Shearer 05 Dec 2013
Moving house is a nightmare, one that doesn't bear too much thinking about, but I recently discovered that there is a way of making things better, in that you can get a company involved who are dedicated to ensuring that you are well looked after, and getting a great move underway. The experience that the team from RemovalCompaniesRemovals seemed to have was absolutely amazing, and meant that they made really light work of the whole move. If you are after a similar experience to that which I had, then give them a call right away, I hope they can be the same for you.
K. Farris 14 Nov 2013
I really was incredibly impressed by the quality that I got from RemovalCompaniesRemovals. They ensured that I was always completely in the know as to what was going on, and this alone prepared me for the move better than I was expecting. In a way, there is a lot to be said for getting a removals company to do everything for you, as the hassle is so reduced, but now that they have taught me so much about the process, I'll be able to do a lot more by myself next time.
Shreya Caron 04 Nov 2013
I had to use RemovalCompaniesRemovals as they were the only ones who could book me in. I'll be honest, their promises and advertising seemed a little ridiculous, but actually they were very good. I'm pleased that I ended up using them, as they were really hard working and made sure that all of my items and boxes were handled with the safety and care that they required. Essentially I knew that I'd have to pay a fair amount, but they were very well priced, so the value was definitely there from the start.
Fredrick J. 25 Oct 2013
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I couldn't have done the move without RemovalCompaniesRemovals at my side. I was pretty much out on my own at the time when I needed to move, so I was a little stuck as to what I should do, to get everything moved, but luckily the team were there on the other end of the phone to ensure that I was well prepared for them to come in and get the job done perfectly! An amazing bit of work from a bunch of extremely friendly (and rather handsome) lads!
Dylan R. 15 Oct 2013
There are three things I look for in a service, whether it is removals all the way to flower arranging, or whatever, the three things stay the same. I need efficiency, value and politesse. If any of these things are absent then I am not getting the best. RemovalCompany excelled in all areas, and I am glad to say that my move went very easily for it. The staff were kind, hardworking, quick, and the price was not half bad. Thank you to all who helped us with our move.